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Marquis Test Kit Offers Things Like Synthetic Urine Samples to Pass Drug Tests

Saturday 25 May 2019 at 10:51 am. Used tags: , ,

Do you believe you can pass a drug test or not? Maybe you've taken too many hits of weed recently. If it's an alcohol test you definitely won't pass because you drink at the bar everyday. If the drug test uses urine, then you have the opportunity to fool the tester by using synthetic urine instead. The marquis test kit has you covered by providing things like synthetic urine samples that you can substitute as your own urine when testing begins. Anyway, yes, there's such a thing as synthetic urine. It's like real urine and can clear any drug test, since it's not your own pee that's riddled with various illicit and/or prescription drugs that you use recreationally. Do you want to know more about synthetic urine? Keep on reading.

The Lowdown on Using Fake Urine for Urinalysis

  • What Is Artificial Urine? Even though you just had a wild party last night or the day before and you didn't have time to detox all those illicit substances in your system, there is a way to escape detection. Artificial urine, even when it's passed through a standard urinalysis test, will register itself as real urine. It's composed of all the constituents, waste products, and materials that natural human urine is composed of.
  • The Benefits of Synthetic Pee: Pee that's been synthesized is real enough to fool urinalysis drug tests since it was developed to calibrate those tests without using natural pee. Furthermore, this fake urine that's composed of a pre-mixed liquid is similar to the pH level, gravity, appearance, and composition of real urine, with lab operators using it on a regular basis as a control substance. Real urine can't be used for this because of many variables that make its consistency vary. Click here to know more about marquis test kit.
  • The Drawbacks of Fake Urine: Naturally, this product won't work on other drug tests like blood tests, saliva tests, and hair follicle tests. If the tester asks you to pee in front of him, it'll be more difficult to hide that you're using pee that isn't your own as well. This urine pack typically contains 2 ounces of liquid which is enough for drug analysis, so don't waste it, contaminate it, or accidentally drop it. You want the pee to be as convincing as possible.