Introduction To Content Curation

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A introduction to curation – the fastest way to build authority, voice and thought leadership.. and best of all traffic.

News sites do not always create their own news, they find other news and report on it… and reference the source.

What’s interesting here is that if you break down these news sites, technology and celebrity blogs and so on – what they are doing is aggregating. They are collecting and republishing information… mostly the same information. Technically they are copying other people’s content and publishing it on their site – and Google is rewarding them for it – as long as they put a reference back to the source. Taken a step further you can add your own editorial comment as an introduction to this content – and even summarize it.

What you need to understand is that with so much content on the web people are simply overloaded with information. They want smaller authoritative sites to follow and digest. Being a curator means selecting the best content and wrapping it with your voice and comment. This makes you the authority which builds trust and repeat visitors.

This fast track guide will give you a better understanding how to curate content properly.

Essentially, Curation is broken into 3 main activities:
1) Researching content.
2) Curating the post.
3) Promoting your content.

Add your own voice or tone – and then this becomes curation. You are becoming a voice for material on the web – and people will come to your site to read further time and time again. The most prolific examples of this are the Huffington Post and Drudge Report, which were worth $315m and $30 million respectively. They simply curated other material
and generated a loyal following and readership which generated huge volumes of traffic.

Content Curation Guide



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